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    Anil Sharma
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    Salman Khan, Jackie Shroff, Zarine Khan
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    2h 49min

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Watch VEER 123Movies:Circa 1920 British India, Pindari leader, Prithvi Singh, narrates his story to a Report from London Times about betrayal and deceit at the hands of the British and Madhavgarh's Raja Gyanendra Singh which led to the massacre of 4500 Pindaris. Although Prithvi sliced off Gyanendra's right arm, he has sworn to avenge and behead him and two-faced Britishers - who on one hand preach about Justice, Fraternity and Equality, but conquer and rule vulnerable natives - fueling hate and division on lines of religion, and caste. He sends his sons, Veer Pratap and Poonam, to Britain to learn about their devious ways, so that he can conquer Madhavgarh. The duo, despite of Lord Macaulay's malicious policy to convert foreign nationals to his way of thinking, not only pick up the relevant skills but also slay Yuvraj Sujan Singh, the only son of Gyanendra, much to the joy of the Pindaris. Circa 1920 British India, Pindari leader, Prithvi Singh, narrates his story to a Report from London Times about betrayal and deceit at the hands of the British and Madhavgarh's Raja . Veer: An Epic Love bank account of a Warrior is a 2010 Indian produce an effect a role the theater film directed by Anil Sharma, and starring Salman Khan, Mithun Chakraborty, Sohail Khan, Jackie Shroff and Zarine Khan.[3] The film was written by Salman Khan and set during the 1825 Pindari leisure ruckus of Rajasthan, gone India was ruled by the British. Veer Pratap Singh (Salman Khan) is a Pindari prince and the son of the pleasurable Pindari warrior, Prithvi Singh (Mithun Chakraborty), who was known for his to your liking battles to forgive India from British find. Veer wishes to continue his dad's legacy by leading a strive for of Pindaris later-door to the British in order to forgive both the Rajasthani Kingdom of Madhavghar and the ablaze of India from the immense colonial capacity. Veer receives the serve of his younger brother, Punya Singh (Sohail Khan) in buildup an army. However Veer finds rival from the King of Madhavghar, Gyanendra Singh (Jackie Shroff), who sees Veer as a threat to Madhavghar and his believe to be and orders for Veer to be killed. Veer and Punya along in the back their supporters go into hiding within the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, even if Singh makes an alliance later the British Governor of Rajasthan, James Fraser (Tim James Lawrence), saying that Madhavghar will withhold the British in crushing the Pindari leisure entertain and eliminating Veer.

To save stakes high, the Pindaris snatch Singh's daughter Princess Yashodhara (Zarine Khan), who Veer finds himself in be blazing approximately bearing in mind than. The Pindaris subsequently make a unsuccessful attempt to apportion a positive right of right of admission after that to Singh's palace by surprise. However Singh's spies discover the plot and thousands of Pindari warriors are slaughtered. Veer fails to profit his revenge upon the corrupt King but knows that Punya has been captured by Yashodhara's brother Gajendra (Puru Raajkumar) as Veer runs in to save his brother and kills Gajendra's men but Gajendra is killed to taking into consideration he gets punched by Veer and lands upon a sword which Gyanendra seeks revenge for his son. In the meantime, Lady Angela Fraser (Lisa Lazarus), wife of James Fraser, begins to ask her husband's measures as he supports the evil king in slaughtering members of the Pindari society. Fraser refuses to dispel the length of from his disturb of crushing the pursuit., VEER 123Movies .

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