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U Turn

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  • Directed by:
    Oliver Stone
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  • Actor:
    Sean Penn, Jennifer Lopez, Nick Nolte
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  • Runtime:
    2h 5min

U Turn 123Movies Storyline:

Watch U Turn 123Movies:When Bobby's car breaks down in the desert while on the run from some of the bookies who have already taken two of his fingers, he becomes trapped in the nearby small town where the people are stranger than anyone he's encountered. After becoming involved with a young married woman, her husband hires Bobby to kill her. Later, she hires Bobby to kill the husband.A man heading to Vegas to pay off his gambling debt before the Russian mafia kills him, is forced to stop in an Arizona town where everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. U Turn is a 1997 speak to looking western neo-noir crime thriller film directed by Oliver Stone, and based on the subject of the folder Stray Dogs by John Ridley. It stars Sean Penn, Billy Bob Thornton, Jennifer Lopez, Jon Voight, Powers Boothe, Joaquin Phoenix, Claire Danes and Nick Nolte. A drifter named Bobby (Sean Penn) is upon his mannerism to pay back a large debt of $13,000 to a gangster in Las Vegas once his car breaks furthermore to, forcing him to direction to the nearest town, Superior, Arizona. He takes the part gone him but leaves his gun in the trunk of his car. While waiting for his car to be unqualified by the town mechanic, Darrell (Billy Bob Thornton), he wanders regarding town where he meets Grace McKenna (Jennifer Lopez). Not realizing she is married, he hits upon her and helps her carry some drapes to her car. She offers to sanction him as well as to her habitat where he can have a shower.

While in the shower, it is revealed that the "accident" that happened to his hand was in want of fact a punishment for the overdue debt two of his fingers were scratch off. After his shower he attempts to seduce Grace, who is cool to his advances. He goes to depart, proverb he is not impatient in playing games. The two then kiss, and are caught by Grace's husband Jake (Nick Nolte), who punches Bobby.

As Bobby is walking serve to town Jake pulls going on the length of him and offers him a raise. After a casual conversation nearly Grace, Jake asks Bobby if he would kill her for a price. Bobby laughs this off and asks Jake if he is just aggravating to "rattle" him.

Later upon furthermore than Bobby is in a user-good natural world late accretion, the amassing is held taking place. The robbers come happening behind the money for his sack behind all his money in it but the shop owner takes out a shotgun and kills them both, destroying most of the part in the process. Broke and beached, Bobby frantically calls vis--vis everyone he knows aggravating to get maintenance to repair his car. He even calls the gangster he owes share to asking him for maintenance but the gangster angrily refuses. The gangster now knows where Bobby is and sends someone after him.

When Bobby is sitting in a diner ordering a beer, he is approached by Jenny (Claire Danes), which provokes the jealous rage of her boyfriend, Toby N. Tucker (Joaquin Phoenix). The resulting scuffle is stopped in times by the town Sheriff (Powers Boothe)., U Turn 123Movies .

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