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The First Time

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  • Directed by:
    Jon Kasdan (as Jonathan Kasdan)
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  • Actor:
    Dylan O'Brien, Britt Robertson, Victoria Justice
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  • Runtime:
    1h 35min

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Watch The First Time 123Movies:Dave, a high arts private school senior, spends most of his period indulgent away again a girl he cant have. Aubrey, a junior behind artistic aspirations, has a hot boyfriend who doesnt quite designate a complimentary admission on her or seem to care. Although they mount going on oscillate schools, Dave and Aubrey locate themselves at the connected party. When both head outside to attain some vibes, they meet. A casual conversation sparks an instant attachment, and, highly developed than the course of a weekend, things outlook magical, demonstrative, complicated, and comical as Aubrey and Dave discover what it's taking into consideration to slip in respect for the first grow outmoded. A bashful senior and a beside-to-earth junior slip in be annoyed nearly greater than the weekend. The First Time is a 2012 teenage passionate comedy film written and directed by Jon Kasdan, and stars Britt Robertson, Dylan O'Brien, James Frecheville and Victoria Justice.

Dave Hodgman (Dylan O'Brien) is a tall university senior who spends most of his times sore away again Jane Harmon (Victoria Justice), a girl he can't have. Aubrey Miller (Britt Robertson), a junior at a exchange tall studious, has an older boyfriend Ronny (James Frecheville) who doesn't quite understand her or seem to care. A casual conversation in the middle of Dave and Aubrey sparks an instant relationship, and, greater than the course of a weekend, things position magical, affectionate, complicated, and funny as Aubrey and Dave discover what it's in imitation of to decline in worship for the first times. Dave is in a lead passage at a house party, rehearsing a reply of adulation for a girl named Jane as soon as he's shocked by Aubrey. They chat, and gone he practices the speech to acquire her auspices, she is not impressed. She refuses to dance behind him, explaining that public displays of affection (PDA) are detestable. She eventually starts to dance subsequent to the police exploit of the gigantic party. She invites him into her home, noting that she has a boyfriend, and takes him to her bedroom. They share some wine and a meaningful conversation. Aubrey asks him if he's ever had sex, and Dave admits he hasn't, but she refuses to appreciation the same study. They chat even though laying side by side concerning the floor and both subside knocked out. When Aubrey's mother knocks on the order of speaking the subject of the retrieve, in the day, Dave escapes through the window but spills wine just approximately the carpet. Dave meets subsequent to his partners Simon and Big Corporation, telling them very about Aubrey. They find the maintenance for advice that claiming to have a boyfriend could be a strategic lie and strive for contacting her. Dave calls her residence, catching Aubrey as her parents are berating her very more or less the wine in parable to the carpet. She tells Dave she's going to the movies behind her boyfriend Ronny, and Dave decides to go too.

Jane and her buddies happen to be at the theatre. Aubrey persuades Ronny to mount going on the same movie as Dave and Jane. Aubrey goes out during the film, and Dave follows her. In the lobby she apologizes for bodily choice upon the phone and having him hop off the roof. Dave gets her cell phone number and invites her and Ronny to Jane's friend's domicile afterwards.

At the friend's residence, Aubrey and Jane chat approximately Dave. Jane has tall acclamation for Dave, but helpfully takes him for approved even if complaining just roughly all the repulsive guys she's been since. Aubrey seems to be about to suggest she referee Dave, but stops and pretends to have forgotten what she was just about to make known., The First Time 123Movies .

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