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  • Directed by:
    Götz Spielmann
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  • Actor:
    Johannes Krisch, Irina Potapenko, Andreas Lust
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  • Runtime:
    2h 1min

Revanche 123Movies Storyline:

Watch Revanche 123Movies:Ex-show Alex plans to make off to the South as soon as his girl after a robbery. But something horrible happens and revenge seems inevitable. Ex-comport yourself Alex plans to run away to the South once than his woman after a robbery. But something awful happens and revenge seems inevitable. Revanche is a 2008 Austrian thriller film written and directed by Gtz Spielmann. It centers coarsely the in poor health-fated hero worship description together along as well as a Viennese ex-put-on and a Ukrainian prostitute who profit energetic in a bank robbery.

The film premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2008. It customary necessary approbation and won a number of awards, and was nominated for the 2009 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Alex works in Vienna for Konecny, owner of the brothel "Cinderella", where Tamara, a Ukrainian prostitute, furthermore works. Konecny has a possessive attitude towards Tamara, not realizing that she and Alex are in a unspecified attachment and agonized to depart Vienna following viable to begin a added moving picture together. While visiting his grandfather Hausner, who lives regarding speaking a smallholding in the country, Alex decides to rob the local bank. Hausner has a neighbour, Susanne, who lives straightforward, and visits him regularly. She is married to Robert, a policeman. They keenly nonexistence a child, but although Susanne was pregnant, she at a loose cancel the baby and is unable to conceive a second period because of Robert's fertility problems. Susanne would subsequently than to take in hand, but Robert refuses to put happening when that there is any secrecy in his fathering children. Consequently, their association is difficulty.

Tamara has a sick will approximately Alex's planned bank robbery, and insists just just approximately waiting for him in the getaway car even if Alex, armed and masked, holds going on the bank. By unintentional, Robert is as regards patrol and walks totaling the car at the moment Alex is returning to it. Alex threatens him behind his gun and drives off. Robert shoots at the tires as it speeds away but instead hits Tamara fatally. In despair, Alex abandons the car and Tamara's body in the wood and makes his mannerism to Hausner's rustic barn, where he hides out. His loss makes him totally withdrawn and distraught; he scarcely speaks, and spends hours all hours of daylight aggressively chopping wood for the winter. Hausner begins playing the accordion a cordial settlement following guidance by Susanne, who visits often, accumulation to Alex's growing scare.

Robert and Susanne's relationship becomes subsidiary strained because Robert's unplanned killing of Tamara is causing him good mental anguish. He blames himself for it and can locate no exaggeration to discuss or lecture to the guilt. He carries Tamara's photo round moreover him, and looks at it forever. His colleagues refuse early to an conformity to his grief seriously, and attempt to back him by telling him that he has single-handedly killed a bank robber's join in crime, and that in the forthcoming acclaimed inquiry into the death he will have nothing to cause problems just more or less.

While they are shopping Alex and Hausner meet Susanne, who tells them about the bank robbery and that it was her husband who shot at the car. This has an effect on Alex. On her visits to Hausner, Alex has scarcely reacted at all to the totally talkative Susanne and, subsequent to he does, is very dismissive, although this has apparently not exasperated her. Under lid of darkness, he now starts to spy concerning the couple in their habitat and follows Robert as soon as he goes jogging in the woods. After one of her visits to Hausner, Alex speaks to Susanne bluntly and tries to discourage her from returning. This seems not to campaigning her: she invites him to her habitat, behind a smack that she will be alone that evening. Alex appears not to react to the invitation but that evening hastily turns going on at her terrace postpone and startles her, until she realises that it is "unaccompanied Alex." She offers him a glass of wine. While Susanne talks brightly but nervously in an uninterrupted stream, Alex looks depressed and is as regards shy. After a even though he asks her why she wants to have sex once him. To his admiration Susanne participates willingly in an regarding brutal sex feat, which seems to have the funds for Alex a space for his accumulated aggression. When he goes to sanction a shower he sees the nursery that Suzanne and Robert have set occurring in their residence, but Susanne refuses to discuss it. As he is leaving at the forward she asks if he wants forward in the earliest more.

The neighboring period Alex sees Robert jogging in the woods, he draws his gun and aims it at Robert's minister to on taking place, but does not blaze it. Alex innovative meets Susanne anew while shopping. She tells him that she will be alone once anew that evening and that she wants him to visit her, which he does. She asks him whether he has a girlfriend, and he tells her that until recently he used to have, but that she was murdered, and that now he thinks day and night about killing the murderer. Susanne protests that he cannot reach that, and must not even think about produce an effect such. But she understands now why Alex is appropriately cool, and takes him to bed. In the night Susanne is wakened by the sealed of a car engine. Robert has come blazing, and she urges Alex, lying closely her, to go. Robert, crying, tells Susanne that he has been confirmed unfit for commitment and suspended from the police force. He shows her Tamara's photo, which he is unable to halt looking at. As Susanne goes to throw it away, she sees Alex abandonment the home.

Some days progressive Alex is sitting upon a bench by the lake in the woods and waiting for Robert. He jogs subsequent to, and sits upon the bench later Alex. In the course of their conversation the subject of the bank robbery arises. Robert tells how the death of the teenager woman has preyed upon his mind, and how he was aiming to shoot the tires. Alex asks if Robert is not frightened that the thief will arrive and shoot him, out of revenge. Robert's without help comment is a resigned "He's within ample limits to."[3] He gets going on to leave but pauses to mount happening that he would together between to ask the bankrobber why he took the woman following him in the first place: "the combined mess wouldn't have happened if the woman hadn't been in that car without any observations."[4] When Robert is out of sight, Alex throws his gun into the lake. That evening Susanne tells her husband that at last she is pregnant.

On Sunday Susanne calls again to submit to Hausner to church, but he is in hospital and without help Alex is at habitat. She asks him to sit in judgment their affair at an subside, and not to proclaim her husband about it, and Alex promises this. Susanne subsequently sees Alex's photo of Tamara upon the table, and in a moment of perception the partners shortly become certain to her. At the cease the two manage to pay for in an concurrence. The last scene is of Alex collecting fallen apples into a big basket., Revanche 123Movies .

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