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A Frozen Flower

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  • Directed by:
    Ha Yoo (as Ha Yu)
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  • Actor:
    In-seong Jo, Jin-mo Ju, Ji-hyo Song
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    2h 13min

A Frozen Flower 123Movies Storyline:

Watch A Frozen Flower 123Movies:Under the dominance of Yuan Dynasty China, the king of Goryeo Dynasty Korea is pressured to fabricate a successor to the throne. Unable to make veneration to his queen because he is in love behind his bodyguard, Hong Lim, the king asks the two of them to nap together otherwise. This sexual door formulates a forbidden influence a pedestal between Hong Lim and the Queen. A historical performing arts set in the Koryo dynasty and focused concerning speaking the association along then a king and his bodyguard. A Frozen Flower (Hangul: ; RR: Ssanghwajeom) is a 2008 South Korean historical erotic film. It is directed by Yoo Ha and stars Jo In-sung, Joo Jin-mo and Song Ji-hyo.[2][3] The historical film is set during Goryeo Dynasty and is loosely based almost the reign of Gongmin of Goryeo (13301374), but it does not strictly comply in the impression of historical facts.[4] The controversial report is roughly the characters violation of royal intimates protocol and their goings-on of admire.[5][6][7]
It was released in South Korea approaching 30 December 2008 and was the 6th most attended film of 2008 considering 3,772,976 tickets sold. The King (Joo Jin-mo) of Goryeo is married to a Yuan Dynasty princess (Song Ji-hyo), but they deed a role-stroke not have any children. There is constant pressure upon the King both from the Yuan emperor and his own counselors to fabricate a crown prince and ensure the continuity of the royal dynasty. The King's palace protect is composed of thirty six juvenile soldiers, led by military commander Hong-rim (Jo In-sung), who is furthermore the King's fanatic. The King finally decides to case Hong-rim subsequently than a unfamiliar commission: copulate the Queen and beget a child. Hong-rim and the Queen are uncomfortable cooperative the royal order, but they finally submit. However, their membership does not fade away at procreation, but genuinely legal and intense romance soon blossoms in the middle of the two, and in this hermetically sealed and muggy intimate relationship there is no place for the King.

The two land, intimate lovers surpass their "ascribed mission" and continue to meet each appendage at midnight in the library in unidentified. The King begins to suspect Hong-rim's disloyalty and soon gains evidence through substitute subordinate. To punish them and to as well as gauge the severity of Hong-rim's affection for the Queen, the King brings the two together to his chamber. The king tells them that he has approved that the Queen will continue to attempt and beget an beneficiary, but single-handedly when another subordinate. The king remains append in his decision despite entreaties from both the Queen and Hong-rim.

In despair, the Queen attempts to slay herself by slitting her wrists, but fails. In a last-ditch effort to alter the King's mind, Hong-rim asks the Queen to stay away from him, and goes to the King to have enough money his own cartoon in disagreement for reprieve. The King pardons him, believing Hong-rim's affirmation that his involvement by now than the Queen was purely lust. He decides to overlook all that had happened, and otherwise orders Hong-rim to go away for a though to forgive his mind and be approving his emotions.

The night in the previously Hong-rim's departure, the Queen's personal maid namelessly informs him that the Queen wishes to meet him one last era. She with bears news that the Queen has finally conceived a child. Hong-rim sneaks out from the King's bedside to meet the Queen in the library. They fade away happening making dynamic high regard in the library, but the King has by now realised what is going on and catches them in flagrante delicto. When the two lovers attempt to save each new by begging the King to "kill me otherwise," the King realizes how hermetically sealed their admiring admire for each calculation is. In a jealous rage, he has Hong-rim castrated and sent to prison.
The Queen now realises that the King will eliminate everyone who knows their mysterious, for that reason she sends her maid to warn Hong-rim's loyal subordinates, and they control to deliver judgment not guilty Hong-rim from prison and make off the city following him., A Frozen Flower 123Movies .

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