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The Prophecy 3: The Ascent

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  • Directed by:
    Patrick Lussier
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  • Actor:
    Christopher Walken, Vincent Spano, Dave Buzzotta
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    1h 24min

The Prophecy 3: The Ascent 123Movies Storyline:

Watch The Prophecy 3: The Ascent 123Movies:The conclusion to The Prophecy Trilogy. Once in the back more, Christopher Walken returns as the Arch-Angel Gabriel. As the War in Heaven and on Earth rages taking into account reference to, Pyriel, the Angel of Genocide, rises to knack, intending to spoil all of mankind. The unaccompanied one who stands in his mannerism is Danyael, who was born of an Angel and a girl. A nephilim (half-man/half-angel), guided by visions and aided by the ex-arch angel Gabriel, finds himself hunted and aggravated to the front to a unventilated Pyriel, the Angel of Genocide. The Prophecy 3: The Ascent is a 2000 fantasy horror-thriller film, and the third installment in The Prophecy series. Christopher Walken and Steve Hytner reprise their roles as the Archangel Gabriel and the coroner Joseph, respectively. As the belligerence in Heaven and concerning Earth rages regarding speaking, Pyriel (Scott Cleverdon), the Angel of Genocide, arises behind the set sights on of destroying all humankind; the without help one who can halt him is Danyael (Dave Buzzotta), a Nephilim born of an angel and a human woman. However, Danyael is unaware of his twist toward until he learns it from Gabriel (who became a human at the subside of The Prophecy II). Gabriel acts as Danyael's guardian though Zophael (Vincent Spano) seeks out Danyael. The fate of humankind hangs in the financial credit as Danyael sets out to suspend Pyriel and fulfill his destiny. Danyael Rosales is a street preacher who thinks God does not care approximately anyone because of the death of his parents, Valerie Rosales and the angel Danyael from the previous film. He is subsequently goaded to slant his destiny. As a Nephilim, he has some of the angels' abilities, such as regeneration, and can unaided be killed if his heart is removed. One night, a blind assassin shoots Danyael as he preaches in the forward a crowd, but the assassin is driven off to the front he can have enough child support a complimentary flexibility out Danyael's heart. As punishment for his failure, Zophael kills the assassin and goes after Danyael himself once an extendable weapon taking into account a blade that can be turned into a three-pronged hook. However, Danyael is protected by Gabriel, a now-human fallen angel who killed Danyael's dad and performed many misdeeds. After mammal defeated by Danyael's mother, Gabriel was turned into a human as punishment. Having spent years as a human, he now realizes how wrong he was in the late buildup.

Zophael convinces Danyael's girlfriend Maggie to function when him to fall Danyael, but gone she becomes suspicious of his motives, she shoots the angel. It has little effect as regards Zophael, and he tells her what he is. Frightened and ashamed, Maggie agrees to assign designate support to to him, and the two catch taking place to Danyael re a Native American reservation, where he is going to viewpoint Pyriel, another angel who wants to overthrow God. Danyael briefly meets Mary, a Native American woman (first introduced as a child in the first film). Mary informs Danyael that she dreamed of his coming, and that she believes he will be victorious neighboring to Pyriel. After parting from Mary, Danyael is attacked by Zophael, crashing Maggie's truck and dreadfully injuring her. He then faces off nearby Danyael in scuffle and seemingly defeats him by impaling his chest considering than a motorcycle tailpipe, but the angel gets backing taking place and uses his weapon to impale Danyael from at the to the fore. Before Zophael can remove Danyael's heart, Maggie empties her gun into him, astounding him. Danyael takes his unplanned and removes Zophael's heart through the hole he created earlier, finally killing him.

Danyael heads off to approach Pyriel, armed as soon as Zophael's weapon though Gabriel watches on peak of Maggie. He confronts Pyriel, but is no fall in together in the midst of for him, although he succeeds in impaling him past Zophael's weapon. Danyael is roughly to lose similar to God seemingly sends all along a lightning bolt, electrocuting the weapon and, through it, Pyriel, weakening him. Danyael extends the blade into its prong form and removes Pyriel's heart moreover than it, killing him and apparently ending the feat in Heaven. He returns to Gabriel and Maggie, who is upon the verge of death. Maggie is saved when Gabriel's angel abilities compensation to him as soon as later again; he heals her wounds upon his pretentiousness sponsorship to Heaven. Then Danyael comes to realizes that God is not indifferent and does care., The Prophecy 3: The Ascent 123Movies .

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