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  • Directed by:
    Stephen Gaghan
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  • Actor:
    Katie Holmes, Benjamin Bratt, Charlie Hunnam
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    1h 39min

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Watch Abandon 123Movies:A psychological thriller roughly a senior at one of America's most prestigious universities. Under big pressure to innocent her thesis and earn a top job at one of the world's most competitive consulting firms, Katie is yet coping taking into account the immediate unexplained abandonment of her first adore two years prior. As the psychotherapy continues, Katie is aggravated to pick in the midst of accumulation passions and accumulation possibilities, even as secondary facts are outside. A senior at an elite literary, already asleep uncompromising pressure to colleague occurring her thesis and home a prestigious job, must trap the rushed reappearance of her archaic boyfriend, after his two year. Abandon is a 2002 American psychological thriller the theater film released by Paramount Pictures. It was written and directed by Stephen Gaghan, starring Katie Holmes as a scholastic student whose boyfriend (Charlie Hunnam) disappeared two years in the to the front. Despite mammal set at an American academe, much of the movie was filmed in Canada at McGill University's McConnell Hall.
It is based as regards the order of the stamp album Adams Fall by Sean Desmond. The autograph album was in the region of-titled[2] Abandon for the movie tie-in paperback printing.
The film co-stars Zooey Deschanel and Gabrielle Union, once Benjamin Bratt playing the detective investigating the boyfriend's desertion. It customary generally negative reviews, following Variety magazine dismissing it as "a tricked-happening Fatal Attraction wannabe" Senior studious student Katie Burke (Holmes) is struggling to unity considering than the bring out of completing her thesis and succeeding in an upcoming rigorous interview process. To make matters even more complicated, Detective Wade Handler (Bratt), a recovering alcoholic, reopens the two-year-pass police psychoanalysis into the disappearance of her boyfriend, Embry Larkin (Hunnam). An orphaned young man of considerable means, Embry had purchased two tickets for Crete by now his dealing out away; the tickets had never been used and Embry's financial assets had not been touched by now his disappearance. With the credited reopening of the Larkin events, however, Katie begins to see Embry lurking harshly campus, seemingly stalking her.

Reporting this urge almost to Detective Handler, who dismisses her as he believes Embry to be dead, Katie isn't convinced but yet returns to intellectual. Falling knocked out in the arts school library though studying, on waking she finds a number carved into the wood of the desk. Upon laboratory analysis, she discovers it references a library baby book: The Inferno. There she finds Embry staring auspices at her from the appendage side of the book stack.

Confiding these troubling happenings to her intimates, most notably her roommate Samantha (Deschanel), Katie learns that during her association taking into account Embry, he had acted enormously jealous and even violent toward another of Katie's admirers, Harrison (Mann), whom Katie held unaided platonic feelings. Shortly thereafter, Harrison seemingly disappears from campus. Convinced that Embry is held blamed, Katie confronts him at a local restaurant, on your own to be asked to meet him at his intimates's country residence.
Once at the Larkin relatives's country habitat, however, a violent protest ensues surrounded by Katie and Embry. Fleeing from the quarters and finding comfort in Handler, Katie begins an affair in the middle of the detective which spurs her to authentic her thesis. With Handler closing the psychoanalysis, citing that Embry Larkin was indeed sentient, and resigning from his job as a detective, he and Katie plot upon temporarily retreating to Handler's cabin in New Hampshire. Meanwhile, however, Handler learns from a forensic supple that a note which had supposedly lonely recently been written by Embry to Katie was, really, two years antiquated., Abandon 123Movies .

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