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    Damon Lindelof, Tom Perrotta
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    Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman, Christopher Eccleston
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Watch The Leftovers Season 1 123Movies:When 2% of the world's population abruptly disappears without checking account, the world struggles to undertake just what they'on supposed to realize about it. The drama series 'The Leftovers' is the fable of the people who didn't make the clip.
Based about the bestselling novel by Tom Perrotta, 'The Leftovers' follows Kevin Garvey, a father of two and the chief of police in a little New York suburb, as he tries to refrain some semblance of normalcy following the notion no longer applies. Three years after the simultaneous desertion of 2% of the global population, a charity of people from Mapleton, New York struggle to continue their lives even though they cope taking into account loss and the tragedy of the unexplained nature of the shape. The Leftovers is an American television the theater series created by Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta, freshening in description to HBO. It is based in the region of Perrotta's novel of the same publicize.[1] The pilot was written by Lindelof and Perrotta, and directed by Peter Berg.[2] The series stars an ensemble cast featuring Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman, Christopher Eccleston, Liv Tyler, Chris Zylka, Margaret Qualley, Carrie Coon, and Ann Dowd. The series premiered in the works for HBO on the subject of June 29, 2014[3] and was renewed for a second season, which premiered coarsely October 4, 2015; and concluded December 6, 2015.[4][5] On December 10, 2015, HBO renewed the conduct yourself for a third and unqualified season,[6] which is scheduled to premiere in 2017 , The Leftovers takes place three years after a global influence called the "Sudden Departure", the inexplicable, simultaneous supervision away of 140 million people, 2% of the world's population, as regards October 14, 2011.[8] Following that issue, mainstream religions declined, and a number of cults emerged, most notably the Guilty Remnant.[9]
The fable focuses primarily upon the Garvey associates and their acquaintances in the fictional town of Mapleton, New York. Kevin Garvey is the Chief of Police. His wife Laurie has related the Guilty Remnant. Their son Tommy has left house for moot, and their daughter Jill is acting out.[1] The second season moves the main characters to the fictional town of Jarden, Texas. , The Leftovers Season 1 123Movies .
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