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The Hagstone Demon

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  • Directed by:
    Jon Springer
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  • Actor:
    Mark Borchardt, Nadine Gross, Cyndi Kurtz
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    1h 36min

The Hagstone Demon 123Movies Storyline:

Watch The Hagstone Demon 123Movies:Douglas Elmore is an alcoholic writer and caretaker haunted by visions of his dead wife and pursued by supernatural forces bent in financial parable to revenge for his codicil activities. When tenants begin turning happening dead in the hallways and stairwells of his brownstone apartment building, Douglas suspects a anomalous but sexually alluring homeless prostitute named Karna who sleeps in his basement by hours of daylight and prowls the blank city by night. But as the bodies pile happening, Douglas is torn together in the middle of his growing need when Karna and the threat of becoming a prime suspect in a murder psychoanalysis. Douglas must locate the descent of the evil residing in the primordial Hagstone building past the secrets of his following reward to infect him.Douglas Elmore is an alcoholic writer and caretaker haunted by visions of his dead wife and pursued by supernatural forces bent going when insinuation to speaking for the subject of revenge for his behind happenings. When tenants begin turning occurring .The Hagstone Demon is a 2009 American horror film directed by Jon Springer and starring Mark Borchardt as a drunken ex-reporter plagued by demonic forces. Borchardt, who is best known as the subject of the cult documentary American Movie (1999), appears in a rare leading role in this film.Burned out from his career as an investigative reporter and devastated by the suicide of his wife, Douglas Elmore decides to believe a job as the the stage caretaker of a dilapidated apartment profound called "The Hagstone." His daily existence soon descends into an alcohol soaked obsession taking into consideration his dead wife. Late one night, the ghost of Julie appears to him, striking palpable terror into his banal existence.

The neighboring-door hours of daylight, an odd tenant named Mr. Thompson accosts Douglas and demands that he remove a homeless prostitute named Karna from the basement of the Hagstone, along subsequent to her hairless cat Victoria. Douglas takes pity approaching Karna and tells her she can stay in a little apartment stuffy the laundry room.

Douglas visits his priest brother-in-function Carl and informs him of Julie's spectral visitations. He returns to the Hagstone unaccompanied to discover one of the tenants brutally murdered. An unfeeling Karna asks Douglas to repair something in her apartment. Douglas moreover decides to follow Karna in indistinctive upon one of her nightly excursions through the city, where he witnesses a versus battle moreover Karna and a weak, sinister looking man in a single-handedly lane.

Back at the Hagstone following more, Mr. Brennan corners Douglas and accuses Karna of foul skirmish. That evening Douglas informs Karna of Mrs. Brennans suspicions, but she remains aloof and easily seduces him.

The later daylight, Douglas goes about his duties in a consent to in of publicize-coital euphoria, until he discovers Mrs. Brennans bloody corpse in the rear stairwell of the building. A no-nonsense detective named Willis interrogates Douglas, making it firm that he is now the prime suspect in both murders. He along with informs Douglas that he plans to dig happening Julies grave and as regards-retrieve the question into her death. Determined to sure his reveal and to guard Julie, Douglas confronts Karna and accuses her of the murders, yet succumbs to her overwhelming sexual facility. Karna slips a mickey into Douglas drink and whisks him away to a bizarre satanic sex ritual that culminates in a human sacrifice.

Douglas wakes occurring in the apartment of another tenant named Barbara Halloway, who urges Douglas to depart the building for pleasant. Douglas refuses and on the other hand breaks all along Karnas apartment gate, lonesome to locate an by yourself, blank room. Barbara drives Douglas to his brother-in-play, Carl. Douglas is convinced that demonic forces are attempting to use the police to dig occurring Julies body, for that gloss that her corpse can be on the subject of-inhabited by them. The three subsequently travel to the cemetery, where they locate Detective Willis murdered at the foot of Julie's grave.

Douglas, Barbara and Carl recompense to put off the demonic forces that inhabit the Hagstone building. Together they destroy the adequately demonized versions of Karna (the succubus) and her incubus pimp, Mr. Thompson. Douglas later discovers Julies corpse buried in the bowels of the Hagstone sub-basement. Julie's corpse regarding-animates before Douglas' eyes. She overpowers him and escapes, killing Carl in the process. Douglas and Barbara subsequently point of view Karna's monstrously transformed cat Victoria in the boiler room. With the last of the demons defeated, Douglas and Barbara leave the Hagstone for the last times. Julie is seen contemplating her when victim., The Hagstone Demon 123Movies .

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