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    Mizuho Nishikubo
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    Tatsuya Nakadai, Yukie Nakama, Yûsuke Santamaria
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    1h 42min

Giovanni's Island 123Movies Storyline:

Watch Giovanni's Island 123Movies:In the repercussions of the most decimating strife humankind had ever encountered, the small island of Shikotan turned out to be a piece of the Sakhalin Oblast... also, on the unhealed fringe in this remote corner of the world, kinship among youngsters from two distinct nations meekly bloomed, endeavoring to beat dialect hindrances and the rushes of history. Roused by genuine events.In the fallout of the most destroying strife humankind had ever encountered, the minor island of Shikotan turned out to be a piece of the Sakhalin Oblast... furthermore, on the unhealed outskirt in this remote .The story takes after two siblings, Junpei and Kanta, who live on the island of Shikotan, not long after World War II. On August 15, 1945, Soviet troopers arrive on Shikotan and involve the island. Junpei and Kanta, who live with their granddad, an angler, and their dad, the leader of the firefighting power of the town, are compelled to move to the stables while the Russian authority's family, among them the administrator's little girl Tanya, move into the principle house. At school, Russian youngsters possess a large portion of the building, and Tanya and the other Russian children start to blend with the Japanese kids at break. After a play area shake makes Junpei find Tanya, they get to be companions and the two siblings are along these lines welcomed to Tanya's home for supper. The siblings' uncle, Hideo, requests that Junpei light flag fires around evening time so he can make excursions to the fundamental island for apportions as they are running low on rice. In the mean time, their dad, Tatsuo, with the assistance of their teacher, Sawako, furtively supplies whatever remains of the town with foodstuff from the Dawn Corps' crisis stores. At the point when Hideo gets some answers concerning this, he tries to pirate the sustenance to offer outside the island, however gets got. Tatsuo races to the hole where the Dawn Corps' supplies are kept and gets captured.

On September 25, 1947, the Japanese on the island are made to amass at the harbor sent back to the terrain. Junpei and Kanta set out with Sawako, while their granddad stays behind, resolved to spend his keep going minutes on the ocean. The three are brought together with Hideo while boarding the boat, and touch base at an internment camp at Maoka, in western Karafuto, a couple days after the fact, where they sit tight for the boat that will take them back to Japan. Hideo discovers that Tatsuo is alive and at another interment camp on the opposite side of the mountains "only a short distance away". Kanta, taking his words actually, embarks to meet his dad, supported by Junpei. Sawako and Hideo track the two down the following day, and incredibly, Sawako chooses to visit Tatsuo's camp also. Them four drive to a pillbox where they spend the night, yet in the morning they spot Soviet officers who've figured out how to track them down, and Hideo keeps running ahead as a fake while Sawako and the youngsters make their break., Giovanni's Island 123Movies .

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